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For over 100 years Loma™Machine has designed, manufactured, supplied and supervised installations and commissioning of numerous Semi-Continuous and Fully-Continuous DC Casters all over the world in the Copper, Brass, Magnesium and Aluminum Industries. The sheer number of installations is unmatched by any of our competitors.

In 2002 Loma™ became a division of Magnum Integrated Technologies™, an umbrella company encompassing world-renowned divisions and product names such as Waterbury Farrel™, Hill Acme™, Anker-Holth™ and Anker-Cast™. With this new access to technology and experience, Loma™ Machine is in a position to offer the most state-of-art technology at the most competitive price in non-ferrous casting.

Loma™ Machine supplies:

Semi-Continuous Direct Chill Vertical Casting Systems
Sawing Systems
Material-Handling Systems
Mold-Tooling Systems
Strip Stretchers


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